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VoyeurJapanTV vjt_26042_3-def-1 PISS IT WHERE YOU CAN, GIRLS!

A casual lass in shorts and a clingy t-shirt wanders intently through a shabby part of town, and when we see her gripping her stomach, it becomes obvious she needs a place to piss in peace. By a beatup building in a weedy lot she squats down and lowers her panties. Leaving a puddle of wee-wee, she stands up to wipe but waits. Her wet furry bush is right out in the open as she waits for the stream of passing cars to wane so she can blot her poon, pull down her skirt and go merrily away.
A fresh, pretty babe in a frilly purple top holds her belly in a gesture of distress . She wanders along a narrow street, ducking into a secluded exterior hallway and pulls panties down. After spurting a wet shower, she pulls on her clothes and leaves no trace (but a giant wet puddle and some reeking soaked underpants).

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