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 VoyeurJapanTV vjt_20980_2-def-1 BODACIOUS BOOKSTORE BOOTIES

The sweet studious ladies shopping at their favorite bookstores are giving an unexpected panty show to the watchful eye of the voyeur cam. A slim schoolgirl bends to pick up a paperback and the camera catches the unmistakable curves of tight young ass squeezing the crotch of her prim white panties.
Outside a pair of friends squat down to chat with their skirts riding up thighs and exposing every inch of their creamy white underpants. Keeping their knees tightly pressed together gives them a false security that no one sees the warm moist curves of their private parts. We know better!
A blond in yellow skirt saunters up the aisles of a convenience store looking for a snack, and our camera is there to shoot straight up her skirt to capture the hot tight panties beneath. The poor lass has no idea her smooth round buttocks are on display for the horny men of the world to appreciate.

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VoyeurJapanTV vjt_20980_3-def-1 PANTIES IN THE PARK

Bordered by a patch of fresh green hedge, a pair of lovelies giggle and enjoy their break in the local park. Sitting on a low stone step, their tight white panties are at eye level for passersby and our carefully watching voyeur cam.
Nearby, a young pretty in frilly pink catches a cool drink by a concession truck. When she squats down to read a message on her phone, we’re quick to spin around and look up her skirt and glimpse the tight fabric of her clean white undies.
Back in town, a young lady hunts for purses at the mall, and her ivory crocheted dress covers NOTHING when she bends to look at the lower shelves. Her smooth rump is barely covered by a thin patch of panties as we get a good look up and in.

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